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Princess Bunnikins, Angel of Doom [userpic]
by Princess Bunnikins, Angel of Doom (lonespark)
at July 19th, 2008 (08:17 pm)

Hi, I'm lonespark. I saw the movie on Thursday. I have kind of mixed feelings about it. I feel like there were two movies in it: The Ray & John love/trust story, and the crazy-ass Immortals thing, and both those stories got shortchanged. I mean seriously, there was a complete tone shift, complete with brand new blue wash, garish violence, etc. And WTF was with the stupid-ass criminal antogonists?

They could have done a lot better by giving hints of the second story, and having it come to the fore in a sequel. I kinda think Mary comes across as the villain, even though she does have her reasons, and I thought it was a little too contrived that she be Ray's wife. Still, though, canon OT3 is fic-bait that's hard to pass up...

I am wanting to write something, but I don't have any good ideas. So how about we think up some challenges or prompts or something to kick-start people? And is anyone willing to beta this stuff? I always have trouble with voices, and I probably won't be able to see the thing again till it's on DVD.

I'm so glad this place exists!