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dark_dreymer [userpic]
by dark_dreymer (dark_dreymer)
at July 29th, 2008 (11:45 pm)
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I watched the movie a while ago and was instantly struck by the slash potential of Hancock and Ray; after finding this community I decided to try my hand at writing some slash for them. It's only a drabble but I've got something longer in mind. Feedback is appreciated.

Title: Goodnight Kiss

Author: Dark-Dreymer
Hancock/Ray, mentioned Ray/Mary
Slash, PWP, slightly angsty, drabble.
The way the bedroom scene should have gone.
Slash, adultery. No ownership of the characters or actors.


In retrospect Ray blamed the alcohol. If his brain hadn’t been marinating in several units over the recommended amount for a couple of hours his normally focused thoughts wouldn’t have spilled out of his mouth, “That’s all you’re getting off me.” Of course it was hardly shouting ‘Fuck me!’ at the top of his voice, but the need to bring it up at all obviously caused some curiosity in Hancock, so when Ray made the comment about being ‘tucked in’ the superhero had taken the opportunity to run with the current theme and give his friend a goodnight kiss.


Goodnight kisses shouldn’t last as long as that one did. Goodnight kisses shouldn’t result in further contact. Goodnight kisses should certainly not leave two male friends aroused and clawing at each other’s clothing.


“Wait.” Somehow Ray managed to fight his way through the haze of lust and alcohol and voice the niggling doubt in that one stubborn spot at the back of his mind, “Mary…”

Hancock stopped short of popping the button to the younger man’s fly, “We could stop.”

“No.” Ray shook his head and stopped when it made him disoriented, “We should just be very quiet so she doesn’t hear.” The superhero looked surprised by his words, to be honest he’d been shocked by his words.

“Okay, whatever.” Hancock mumbled, pressing another kiss to Ray’s lips and working a hand into his pants.


The whole affair was rather rushed, clumsy hands stroking engorged flesh and the bliss of a whited out vision and mind when they both reached orgasm. It was a miracle Ray managed to not fall asleep right then and there, but Hancock managed to tidy him up and return him to a full state of dress before he collapsed into bed, this time dropping off to sleep instantly.


The next morning Ray woke with a pounding head, a less than complete memory, a number of bruises and a strong sense of guilt.


Posted by: Princess Bunnikins, Angel of Doom (lonespark)
Posted at: July 30th, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)

I want to see a lot of different ways this scene could have gone, and this is a great start!

Posted by: dark_dreymer (dark_dreymer)
Posted at: July 30th, 2008 07:59 pm (UTC)

Thanks, I was worried this wasn't very good but your comment has reassured me.

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