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Remik [userpic]
Fallen (Mary-centric)
by Remik (remikku)
at July 14th, 2008 (01:40 am)

Title:  Fallen
Author:  remikku
Pairing:  Implied John/Mary
Rating:  PG
Category:  Introspective, Mary-centric
Summary:  A reflection from Mary's point of view.

She stills remembers...

angel_gidget [userpic]
Name Unspoken (Mary)
by angel_gidget (angel_gidget)
at July 13th, 2008 (10:13 pm)

Title: Name Unspoken
Author: angel_gidget
Fandom: Hancock
Chars/Pairings: Bit of Mary/Ray and Mary/Hancock
Rating: PG
Word Count: 216
Summary: It's a small price that she pays.

He has a name.

daybreaq [userpic]
by daybreaq (daybreaq)
at July 13th, 2008 (08:13 pm)

 I just saw this movie and here's a little analogy to ponder.

In most versions of the "Superman" story, Lois Lane is first introduced to the superhero version of Clark Kent when he saves her life. She then comes up with the name "Superman." She writes most of the news stories about Superman and is largely responsible for his public image. She also has a relationship with Clark Kent but initially does not know Clark Kent and Superman are the same person. In the current version of the comics, Lois learned Clark and Superman were the same person after she and Clark started dating and they got engaged. Now Lois is married to Clark and still writes most of the stories about Superman. She's in love with both Superman and Clark Kent because they are the same person after all.

Now place Hancock in Superman's role. Mary is Clark Kent. That makes Ray ... Lois Lane!

There were tons of hints that John and Mary were separated parts of the same being particularly in the hospital scene when they were both dying.

Anyway, I know many critics didn't seem to like this movie. I don't get it; I thought it was absolutely awesome!

I'm hoping to see a lot of fics here in the future!


Anna [userpic]
First Fic John/Ray
by Anna (megaloathe)
at July 10th, 2008 (12:16 am)

So I just watched the movie, oh a few hours ago and loved it! Of course my desire for John/Ray is quite strong so I decide to write a fic. I haven't written in so long (posted in even longer).... Please forgive me if it is not very good. But if it is satisfactory in scratching an itch that you have (as I did and do) than I'm glad to be of service.

Oh I hope I edited it alright xD Silly sleep deprived nights...

A couple of things I wanted to say:
by Knowbody (ereshkigal2)
at July 4th, 2008 (12:43 pm)

First of all: there was way more in the way of chemistry between john and Ray than between John and Mary.

Second: at first I thought that the appearance of the eagle in the last scene was incredibly corny, and it made me think of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. But then I remembered that Mary had called John the "insurance policy of the gods", created to be a super hero. Then the correlation between the eagle and Zeus clicked into place.  Was he being visited by a kindred spirit? A god? His father?

Lastly:  what I noticed most of all was that on his final takeoff when he was leaving to save Mary's life, he seemed to be aiming at the moon. He also appeared to be bleeding profusely.  Then in the next scene he calls up Ray, yes calls RAY- not Mary, and tells him to look up. The camera pans up and we all see a red heart painted on the moon. What did he paint the moon with? That is both super romantic and super creepy.
"I did it for you, Ray! WHY WON'T YOU LOVE ME?!"
Ok, bye.

Trekker [userpic]
Fic: Middleman (Hancock/Ray, PG)
by Trekker (47_trek_47)
at July 3rd, 2008 (09:56 pm)

Author: Trekker (47_trek_47)
Pairing: Hancock/Ray, mainly.
Rating: PG
Category: Slash, obviously, with implied het. Short and fluffy.
Summary: A slasher's epilogue.
Notes/Warnings: Spoilers liek whoa for everything. In want of a Hancock icon, I give you another fictional immortal instead.

( Maybe some people would say it's not fair. )

[fake lj-cut]

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